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Danielle rated it liked it Jan 03, Stacey Wein rated it it was amazing Apr 21, Sara rated it it was ok Feb 12, Melissa Castillo rated it really liked it Jul 14, Jeff Kirsch rated it it was amazing Mar 29, Christina rated it did not like it Aug 29, Lauren Singer added it Aug 15, Michelle Leonard marked it as to-read Jul 18, Kellychubet added it Aug 14, Lauren 'Boswell' Blair added it Jan 10, After we worked with SleepWell Baby, our son quickly learned how to self-soothe. Now if he wakes up, he instantly will go back to sleep or sometimes he will babble and play and then go back to sleep.

Babies wake up often throughout the night too as their sleep cycles are every 40 to 50 minutes based on age.

Baby Sleep Myths Busted - ABC Safe Sleep

So they naturally will wake up in between their cycles. You are actually helping your baby tremendously. I only say this because when we tried on our own, we were not successful or confident but when we worked with SleepWell Baby we were confident, educated and empowered which made the transition easy for us as parents and better for the baby. Baby Sleep Myth 5: While this sounds like it could make sense, it really makes bedtime worse for baby.

By putting baby to sleep later, it makes baby overtired which makes it harder for her to fall asleep and get good quality sleep. If baby stays awake past that window of time, they produce the hormone cortisol which makes it harder for baby to fall asleep. Another myth worth mentioning is that skipping naps does not make baby more tired for night sleep!

Again, it works exactly the opposite.

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Remember sleep begets sleep. Shop here for the safest crib mattress for baby. Your email address will not be published. Learning how to maintain the right temperature for a baby is something that many parents struggle with at the beginning.

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Generally, we are told to dress baby in one additional layer that you are wearing yourself. Plus, many sources offer such different advice it causes confusion on what…. How do you know what products are essentials and which are unnecessary? And when you know a product to add, which brand do you choose? I think a lot of what they do at this age depends on interest and exposure.


For example, my ds dear son also knew his letters and numbers at this age his sisters did not because we had one of those ABC playmats and he was obsessed with it. He's now in the 3rd grade and he's a bright kid but nothing out of the ordinary and he's not "smarter" than his little sister And I have "advanced" older kids I do think that at this age there is no way to tell how they will turn out in terms of "advanced" or "average". But I would just keep encouraging his obvious love of learning and go from there! Definitely something to be proud of though!

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Mom to Jude and Quinn and Lucy. Try not to get wrapped up in it! Keep learning fun to help maintain motivation. Concentrate on social skills, which will serve him better than giftedness. We're all amazed by our LOs. Every next step is exciting no matter how big a step it is.

The ABCs of Baby #2: Surviving the Second Child One Letter at a Time

Have fun with your LO's new skills. I would say that's impressive and you should be very proud! My dd dear daughter can count to 5 point out the letters of the alphabet and say them before she points to them but when I try to get her to say them in order she scrunched her nose at me and says NO.

Children's Baby Preschool ABCs Numbers & Young Adults' Books

She know all her primary colors and a few other. She will say up to 5 word sentences but she will also do her babbling all day. She knows a ton of animals and what they say but unless I ask what they are called she will just make their noises. You should always be proud of your lo don't ever let anyone make you feel bad for your lo being advanced!

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  • I think it is wodnerful that your child can do that I would be extremely proud!!! Just remember it's also what you teach them I've taught him that though Counting may or may not be more important than being able to say "Go Bears, touchdown" and throwing his hands up in touchdown form! What can i say, we are sports nuts! He gets excited for that stuff though Oh yea Amanda, she loves "fooball" or "bas" with daddy! Me, not so much This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only.

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