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Conversely, for the previous range from 2 51 to 2 52 , the spacing is 0.

The double-precision binary floating-point exponent is encoded using an offset-binary representation, with the zero offset being ; also known as exponent bias in the IEEE standard. Examples of such representations would be:.

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The exponents 16 and 7ff 16 have a special meaning:. All bit patterns are valid encoding. Although the ubiquitous x86 processors of today use little-endian storage for all types of data integer, floating point, BCD , there are a number of hardware architectures where floating-point numbers are represented in big-endian form while integers are represented in little-endian form.

Because there have been many floating-point formats with no " network " standard representation for them, the XDR standard uses big-endian IEEE as its representation. It may therefore appear strange that the widespread IEEE floating-point standard does not specify endianness.

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However, on modern standard computers i. Small embedded systems using special floating-point formats may be another matter however.

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Most processors, such as the x86 family and the ARM family processors, use the most significant bit of the significand field to indicate a quiet NaN; this is what is recommended by IEEE Using double-precision floating-point variables and mathematical functions e. One area of computing where this is a particular issue is for parallel code running on GPUs.

Double-precision floating-point format

Doubles are implemented in many programming languages in different ways such as the following. On processors with only dynamic precision, such as x86 without SSE2 or when SSE2 is not used, for compatibility purpose and with extended precision used by default, software may have difficulties to fulfill some requirements.

Double precision is not required by the standards except by the optional annex F of C99 , covering IEEE arithmetic , but on most systems, the double type corresponds to double precision.

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  • Common Lisp provides exceptions for catching floating-point underflows and overflows, and the inexact floating-point exception, as per IEEE No infinities and NaNs are described in the ANSI standard, however, several implementations do provide these as extensions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Floating-point formats IEEE bit: Single binary32 , decimal32 bit: Double binary64 , decimal64 bit: Quadruple binary , decimal bit: This section is transcluded from Endianness.

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