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Homeland Tune from the ballet "The Gold-spinners" 4. Two Estonian Dances [Kaks eesti tantsu]. Flat Footed Waltz 2. Anglaise Ingliska piano Publisher: Fugue and Postludium [Fuuga ja postluudium]. Two Contrasts [Kaks kontrasti]. Fuga a 4 voci. October and June [Oktoober ja juuni]. One Flag Above the Land and the Sea 2.

Dialogue Between Mother and Son 3. Days and the Storms 4. Oh Me, Birch, from Trouble Land 6. October and June — 25' soprano, mezzo soprano, tenor, female choir, male choir, mixed choir, symphony orchestra: For the Freedom of the Land [Maa vabaduse eest]. Overture Battle Scene Music. Fogd and Knights Arrive. Dance of the Russians. Request of the Knights Ave-Maria. Battle Scene Music Overture choir, wind orchestra Manuscript. The Battle Way of the Corpus 2. Towards the Bright Future mixed choir, symphony orchestra: Song About Party [Laul parteist]. Song of Stalin [Laul Stalinist].

Forearm, People [Relvile, rahvas]. Sim Bukatch in Russian Manuscript. Nations in Steel-Proof Uniform Songs About Lenin [Laulud Leninist]. On the Ski Road 5. Shine, Light chidren's choir, symphony orchestra: Pioneers' Cantata [Pioneeride kantaat]. Hoisting the Flag 2. Hiking Trails Are Calling 3. Song for Stalin By the Bonfire 4.

List of compositions by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

At School Learning childrens' choir, symphony orchestra: Lea Rummo Lea Tormis Manuscript. Wooing Tale of Man from Island of Hiiumaa 5. Threshing 12' mezzo soprano, bass, joint choir mixed choir, female choir, male choir , symphony orchestra: The Son Was Born to Germany female choir 2. In the Fire of the Battles mixed choir Intermedium 3. The World War mixed choir 4. On the Barricades mixed choir 5.

Swastika of Fascism mixed choir 6. In Prison bass solo 7. Buchenvald's Grief soloist, mixed choir Song of Soviet Soldiers male choir Wipe Your Tears, Mother Remember, World children's choir, mixed choir — soloists, female choir, mixed choir, children's choir, male choir, symphony orchestra: Greeting of Estonia [Eestimaa tervitus]. Song About Lenin [Laul Leninist]. Two Conctrasts [Kaks kontrasti]. Day Ilmi Kolla mixed choir, organ Text: Honour to Homeland [Au kodumaale]. Mikhail Isakovski in Russian Manuscript. Song of Yaroslavl [Laul Jaroslavlist]. Yury Shumakov in Russian Manuscript.

Sergey Smirnov, translated in Estonian by Uno Kreen. Aleksei Surkov in Russian Manuscript. Maidens' Komsomol Song [Neidude komsomolilaul]. Grand and Rigorous Time [Aeg suur ja karm]. Man and the Sea [Inimene ja meri]. The Sunset Vladimir Beekman 2.

In the Storm Manivald Kesamaa 3. Manivald Kesamaa, Vladimir Beekman Fp: Above the Andes [Andide kohal]. On the Lake Shore 4. Hide and Seek 4' children's choir, piano Text: Pioneers' Hiking Song [Pioneeride matkalaul]. You Beautiful Oak-tree toddlers' choir, piano Text: Songs for Toddlers' Choir [Laulud mudilaskoorile]. Seagull Liina Vainikko 2. Juniper Irma Limak 3. Lighthouse Raevo Valk 4.

On Park Bench 3. On a Trip toddlers' choir, piano Text: You Met [Sa kohtasid]. I Love the Land [Armastan maad]. You Came [Te tulite]. Aria from opera "Elusive" [Aaria ooperist "Tabamatu"]. Jakov Galitski in Russian Manuscript. Arioso of Jaan from opera "Elusive" [Jaani ariooso ooperist "Tabamatu"]. In the Mausoleum [Mausoleumis]. Moderato male voice, female voice, symphony orchestra: Blue Sea Marie Under 2. Stormy Sea Ain Kaalep 3. Muraste Beach Muia Veetamm 4. Flowers, Bow Down [Lillekesed, kummarduge].

My Wishes [Minu soovid]. Mirror Rassul Hamzatov 3. Streams in the Hills Rassul Hamzatov 4. Homely Scenery [Kodune maastik]. Andante 3' soprano, piano Text: Autumn Song Leili Andre 2.

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In Spring Inga Raag 3. Cornflower Kersti Merilaas 4. About the Man and the Seagull 2. At the Sunset 3. Seagulls of Tallinn Manivald Kesamaa 2. Night Mats Traat bass, piano Text: Manivald Kesamaa, Mats Traat Manuscript. My Pain [Minu valu]. Dementjev in Russian Manuscript. By the Trench of Decabrist [Dekabristi kaeviku juures]. I Am a Cloud [Olen pilv]. Man from Muhu Island [Muhumaa mees]. Three Songs for Baritone [Kolm laulu baritonile]. Life Itself Creates Juta Kaidla 2.

When the Sun Sets Ilmi Kolla 3. Humoresque Kersti Merilaas baritone, piano Text: Spring Calls to the Sea [Kevad merele kutsub]. Kaplunov in Russian Manuscript. The Birth of Snowflake 2. Song about the Bell 3. Snowflake Is Longing for Home voice, piano Text: Vambo and the Bird 4. The First Train Trip 5. The Nature of Homeland [Kodumaine loodus]. I Welcome You, Morning 3. Celebration of Love 4. Lily of the Valley and the Flowers 5.

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Spring voice, piano Text: Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald Manuscript. Aria of Love [Armu aaria]. Spin, Liisu [Ketra, Liisu]. Jenny Siimon soprano , Aino Himbek piano Manuscript. Dear Mari [Kallis Mari]. My Life [Mu elu]. Song of the Sailor [Meremehe laul]. After light mezzo soprano, organ Text: Homeland Expands in front of My Eyes [Mu silme ees avardub kodumaa]. At the Beach [Rannal]. I'm Charmed by the Verdure of the Homeland 2. At the Beach mixed choir Text: Sea Song [Mere laul]. The Great October [Suur Oktoober].

Les contes d'Hoffmann (Offenbach, Jacques)

At the Celebration of May [Maipeol]. Roaring Seashore [Kohav rand]. Karl Ruut after folklore. Piirilaulu mixed choir Text: Kosti Kivilahti in Finnish Manuscript. Estonian Flag [Eesti lipp]. Our Land Is Young [Me maa on noor]. Tallinn Seagulls [Tallinna kajakad]. Manivald Kesamaa after folklore Manuscript. You, Linen, Linen 2. I Knit a Manly Coat for a Man 3. We All Knit Fabric female choir Text: Our Spring [Meie kevad]. Lily of the Valley and the Flowers [Maikelluke ja lilled]. Arrangement of the solo song with the same name written in female choir Text: Invitation to the Swing [Kutse kiigele].

Moody Winds Are Heaving And the Forest Fairy Pales [Ju metsahaljus kahvatab]. Let the Hammers Bang [Las paukuda vasarad]. Three Miniatures for Male Choir [Kolm miniatuuri meeskoorile]. Flowers, Bow Down 3.

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My Song-Thrush male choir Text: Lenin and Time [Lenin ja aeg]. This is Youth [See on noorus]. Simple Tune [Lihtne viis]. Yuri Shumakov, translated by Felix Randel. Kristjan Jaak Peterson Manuscript. Cat in the Well [Kass kaevus]. Herdman's Complaint [Karjase kaebus]. Two Eagles [Kaks kotkast]. Ukrainian traditional, translated into Estonian by Debora Vaarandi Manuscript.

Defending the Peace [Rahu kaitsele]. Festive Celebration at the Kolkhoz [Pidu kolhoosis]. Earth Song [Maa laul]. Manivald Kesamaa, Kai Kulmar Manuscript. Waltz of the Little Squirrel 2. The Walk of the Elephant piano Manuscript. Two Miniatures [Kaks miniatuuri]. Waltz of the Street-organ Man 2. Up, Up 2' piano Manuscript. Four Pieces for Children [Neli pala lastele]. Toccatina piano Manuscript. Two Pieces for Children [Kaks lastepala]. The Horse Play 2. Jumping Mice piano Manuscript. Tallinna Kinostuudio, directed by Aleksandr Mandrykin 1.

Tempo di valse 4. Allegro moderato espressivo 5. Andante con moto 6. Andante con moto 7. Moderato symphony orchestra: Running of the Girls 4. A Glimpse to the Distance 5. Landing of the Airplain 9.

Jean Cras-Polyphème : Nymphes et Swains célèbrent les charmes de la nature

The Arrival of the Song Festival Participants Windows of the House Bravely Now, Brothers Parade of the Song Festival Participants Shout of the Horn Oat-Jan Kaera-Jaan, Estonian folk dance Finale symphony orchestra: Lenfilm, directed by Herbert Rappaport symphony orchestra Manuscript. Music for feature film "Light in Koordi" ["Valgus Koordis"].

Lenfilm, directed by Herbert Rappaport Fanfare Is Calling Us 2. Circle of Friends 3. Umpa-umpa round game children's choir, piano Text: Prelude Act I 2. Appearing of the King and the Court 3. Leaving of the King 4. Leaving of Hamlet 5. Prelude to the Scene III 6. Spirit Appearing Music 7.

Prelude to the Scene IV 8. Music of the Celebrating King 9. Spirit Appearing Music Ending Music of Scene V Entering of the King Actors' Signal Act II Prelude to the Scene X.

Parody of the King and the Queen Hamlet Blows the Whistle During the King's Praying For the Leaving of Norwegian Soldiers Songs of Ophelia Les oiseaux dans la charmille Olympia Romance: Malheureuse enfant Crespel, Antonia, Frantz Couplets: Tu ne chanteras plus? Dapertutto, Giulietta, Hoffmann Duo: Retrieved from " http: Pieces based on 'Les contes d'Hoffmann'.

Contents 1 Performances 1. Javascript is required for this feature. Arranger Ernest Guiraud — , completion. Arranger Ernest Guiraud — , completion Auguste Bazille — , piano reduction. Arranger Auguste Bazille , piano reduction. This file is part of the Sibley Mirroring Project. Edward Agate , English text. Charles Henry Meltzer — , English text. View BYU copy at archive. Arranger Gustav Friedrich Kogel , piano reduction. View BYU scan at archive. Universal Edition , n.

List of compositions by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov - Wikipedia

Arranger unknown - possibly Guiraud? Reprint from poor quality originals, with numerous errors. Arranger Leopold Weninger Arranger Max Spicker Maria Louise Baum , English text. Arranger Max Schuster-Seydel fl.