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He was a little self-conscious of his lack of education compared to Ginger's job as a lawyer but she convinces him that she thinks the world of the caring man he is and stuff like that doesn't matter. Ginger was an admirable person, she worked hard to be a good mom and daughter. She admires Kane and appreciates him for the caring man he is today and doesn't judge him based on his past the way some do. As you can tell, I loved the story and though Kane was an amazing hero.

He and Ginger make a great couple, I really enjoyed seeing them find love together since they were both lonely. Kane was also wonderful with her son and father, he will be a great Dad. Raising Kane was a sexy, sweet, hot and emotional entry into this great series. It does contain hot nekkid mattress dancing, oral scenes in the shower and various other places, a little bondage and anal plus some light spanking just to liven things up. View all 30 comments. May 08, Ridley rated it liked it Shelves: There's not much to review, so this will be short.

Kane "Buck" McKay has been trying for years to drop his bad boy reputation. He's cut down on the boozing, stopped skirt-chasing and even signed up to be a mentor to a Little Buddy named Hayden. Unfortunately for him, Hayden's mom, Ginger Paulson, attracts him like flame to a moth, and that's against the program's rules. When she's laid up after a ice-fueled slip down a set of stairs, Kane agrees to help take care of her, her elderly father and Ha There's not much to review, so this will be short.

When she's laid up after a ice-fueled slip down a set of stairs, Kane agrees to help take care of her, her elderly father and Hayden while she heals up. And, well, that's it. From the get-go they admit their mutual attraction. They have lots of sex starting early in the book and continuing throughout. Neither is pushing the other away or avoiding commitment.

They don't use condoms so it must be True Love. In short - the book completely lacked conflict. There's nothing these two overcome that has them grow as characters. I mean, I guess Ginger learns to rely on someone other than herself, but that is not much of a character arc to speak of. The writing's technically sound, the dialog natural, but the book lacks purpose.

The protagonists begin and end the book as the same people, only married and knocked up. I liked it, I read it in one sitting, but the lack of urgency or growth really made the sex boring. I don't want to just be a voyeur. I need a good reason to watch people bone.

Raising Kane

View all 3 comments. And it's another winner. It's hard to not love these dark haired, blue-eyed, silver tongued cowboys, with their bad boy charms both in and out of bed. Kane you sexy devil! View all 5 comments. Jul 02, Beanbag Love rated it it was amazing. Well, I really enjoyed this one. It just had a sweetness throughout that was exactly what I wanted to read right now.

Kane McKay has been Hayden Paulson's 'big buddy' for two years. Ginger, Hayden's mom, is a gorgeous, amazonian red-head that Kane's had the hots for since day 1. She's felt the same but they've hidden it really well. The story starts with her falling down the steps of her office and injuring herself badly enough that she can't take care of her son and invalid father. So, Kane step Well, I really enjoyed this one.

So, Kane steps in to sleep on the bottom bunk in the kid's room and help out. I really like this series for several reasons. I love the McKays and how James presents them. They've got plenty of flaws, but they're totally lovable. None of them are perfection and I like that. I also like the 'slice of life' aspect. We catch up with the whole clan and get an idea of what's going on, but it's all about the lead couple. And what goes on with them is often just falling in love while dealing with daily life.

Admittedly, I get a bit squeamish about some of the sex. I'm not a fan of anilingus or domineering BJs, but I can roll my eyes and skim those parts and still get a really nice romance. Maybe Ridley's review lowered my expectations, but I really loved this one. It was funny and very touching and a pleasurable few hours of reading.

I suspect this book was written before All Jacked Up -- or at least mostly written -- because I see how it fits before AJU timeline-wise. For instance, Keeley doesn't seem to be married, India's only just pregnant with her second and all the others are just barely pregnant as well. The question is, why was AJU released prior? Maybe the answer will be in the next book? View all 10 comments. Jun 29, Kathleen rated it it was amazing. Oh My, where to start. I do not know how Lorelei does it. The story in this book is not what amazes me, it was the love and emotion in this book I thought was totally amazing.

How she can take a simple story and make me feel it so amazing, well that is amazing in itself. I loved everything about this book. Kane was sooo dam sexy, hot, and caring. I love that he had eye's only for Ginger. Lorelei has became one of my top favorite authors and I can Oh My, where to start. Lorelei has became one of my top favorite authors and I can hardly wait for the next book to come out. Sep 04, Leah rated it really liked it Recommended to Leah by: Suzanne Under the Covers Book blog.

Ever since Kane began cleaning up his act and becoming responsible in Tied Up, Tied Down, I've wondered what was going to happen to him, how he was going to get his happily ever after. So this book was the perfect remedy to my curiosity. I wouldn't say that this was the best book of the series but it was definitely a good installment. It was great to see how Kane interacted with Ging Ever since Kane began cleaning up his act and becoming responsible in Tied Up, Tied Down, I've wondered what was going to happen to him, how he was going to get his happily ever after.

It was great to see how Kane interacted with Ginger, with Hayden, with Dash, with his cousins, especially Colt, and with his brother. There were all kinds of interesting dynamics with those different groupings and they all made for an interesting story. But it was also Ginger's interactions with the people around her Hayden, Dash, Kane, the McKay wives that made the book interesting.

Especially because she was so stubborn and strong-willed and it was good to see her forced to ask people for help. Like I said, this was a good book and I'm glad I read it.

A sexy Wyoming cowboy Riders #6.5 - Adult Fiction Audiobook HD

There were some predictable things hello, pregnancy! I liked the little side parts with Brandt and Jessie and it gave a good intro to the relationship that they are going to build on in Cowgirls Don't Cry, Rough Riders book Although, Jessie frustrated me in this one and I felt bad for poor Brandt when she rejected him. Anyway, yeah, great book and I can't wait to read the next one.

Apr 22, Melissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: My reply would be seriously how can you ask me that, that would be like asking which one of my kids I love more! Raising Kane is a great addition to the RR series, if I had any complaints at all it would be that it wasn't long enough, but truth be told I feel that way after all of her books.

I just never want them to end it's like a soap. I can seriously reread them and never tire of any of them. I would like to thanks Ms. James for her dedication to this series and others and sharing her thoughts with us! View all 4 comments. Jun 29, Dee rated it it was amazing Shelves: I've wanted to see Kane get his HEA since he is introduced in his twin brothers book and I wasn't disappointed! Ginger is the perfect wman for him! Apr 14, Elle rated it liked it Shelves: I'm always a bit disappointed with Lorelei James. She has a large following but her writing style just doesn't hit the spot for me no matter how good her premises and characters are.

This is one of those example. I loved the characters. I loved the premise, conflicts and details of the plot. I especially like the inclusion of the "little buddies" program. There was so much good here. So so so much good. And yet, it just didn't hit the spot. I didn't eat it up, and I couldn't get sucked into the I'm always a bit disappointed with Lorelei James. I didn't eat it up, and I couldn't get sucked into the story. I just can't get into Lorelei James, and it's not for lack of trying.

Obviously, I have a bias rating based on the fact that I can't get into this book. But understand that this is nothing new, it always seems to be the case with this series. But what doesn't work for me might work for you so if the blurb sounds good to you give the book a try. It's a really dense plot involving a lot of different issues. You might find a love for the book and Lorelei James that is so far out of reach for me. That all being said I started book 10 last night.

How does that sort of thing happen? Well, in this case it was that we see Brandt and Jessie in this book and I was curious to see how they would end up together. So at the end of the day, I'm not hugely satisfied by the books I read in this series OMG I loved this one!! I loved all the new and old characters returning, meeting some of the other McCays was so good!! The only thing that annoyed me was that it was the 9th book, but it was before Keely and Jack But that's all right.. Cant wait for the next book Apr 17, chanceofbooks rated it it was amazing Shelves: But, I should have trusted James more—she redeems Kane quiet nicely, and I truly believed that he had repented for his earlier mistakes.

This is how he meets Ginger, a statuesque lawyer and her son. This all changes when he puts on his white knight suit after Ginger injures herself. I always love curvy heroines, and I really appreciate when authors craft heroines who reflect the diversity female body types. Ginger is tall and stacked, and Kane loves that about her—I liked that he was openly lusting after her rather than suddenly coming to appreciate her charms. Because Ginger is a bit of a control freak in her everyday life, Kane quickly figures out that she needs an avenue where she can surrender control—to him.

Headed straight for my keeper shelf! This review was written for http: The rough riders series is set around the McKay family and their ranches. They all have similar names Incredibly confusing I can never remember who is married to who! Raising Kane is book 9. Kane, for example, was introd This review was written for http: Kane, for example, was introduced in one of the very early books and I think you need to read the background to truly appreciate the change in this Cowboy.

Kane used to be a party boy. All he cared about was ranching, boozing and sleeping with lots of women. To pass the time Kane gets involved with the Little Buddies programme; a group of men who provide moral guidance to little boys with no male role model already I was half in lust with this man: When Ginger takes a tumble down a flight of stairs in icy conditions and ends up laid up, Kane stays at her house to take care of her, Hayden and her disabled father Dash.

Pretty soon, the sparks turn into a raging inferno and these two end up getting it on anywhere and anytime. Shockingly I loved this book. I am a humungous fan of Lorelei James so am very much biased here! The love story was already there from page one; there was no chance meeting and longing looks because these two already knew each other and fancied the pants off each other.

See a Problem?

Both were just idiots. So they decided to enjoy themselves and have some very hot sex. The males are always in charge, generally there will be restraints and there will be complete submission from the women folk. Now, she was close, too close to let a William VanHorn get in the way. He wanted to claim her as his wife, but she didn't have time to satisfy the man's needs. Known scoundrel Jack Avery must earn the queen's forgiveness by rescuing her missing daughter from the human world.

His sources reveal the Princess Noelani is being held by a powerful man who likes a good game of chance. So with twenty borrow View on the Mobile Site. Naked Bluff, Texas Historical Feb Banished Hero Romance Jul Banished Witch Contemporary Romance Jul Black Dragon General Fiction Feb Naked Rebel General Fiction Dec She also came home with something else. Now Clint is all sorry about letting her go. He should have professed his love, but he has not been totally honest with her and she might not want him when she knows why. It seems both these characters need to come clean.

This was a short read but it was definitely action packed. The long standing love they share is evident on every page. I am hoping for a good resolution when she confesses her pregnancy and his answering comments were not expected at all. I hope these two can work it out, with a love that strong they deserve to be together. Even though I would have liked a longer story to invest more into the characters I thought the author did a great job.

Jun 29, Toni Lewis rated it it was amazing. This was a short story but I enjoyed it , Clint and Suzi reunited after being apart because she had to go out of town for work but before she left Clint didn't handle things the best of ways. As to where Suzi was in love with Clint honestly he broke her heart treating her like she was nothing before she left but there was a secret he was keeping from her as to why he was being the way he was but she didn't know that.

Suzi comes back to town after months of being gone and the feelings are st This was a short story but I enjoyed it , Suzi comes back to town after months of being gone and the feelings are still there between them but she comes back with a secret of her own too. But Suzi decides one night of passion with Clint then she will tell him her secret that she is pregant with another mans baby from a one night stand. What Clint and Suzi come to find out is love concors a lot and you can move past a lot because that was great for Clint because that giving her a baby was the one secret he was hiding from her that he had a low sperm count so he was happy to help raise this child with her Great story with a happy ending Jun 22, Ruth rated it liked it.

You meet Suzi Calworth at her home in Oklahoma.

Raising Kane (Rough Riders, #9) by Lorelei James

She has just returned from a job the city. Her work took her there for four months. Before she let she had been seeing Clint Malone and with how it ended she did not want to see him. The problem with that was Clint leased land from her for is ranching. Clint has not seen Suzi for four months and it feels like forever to him.

When he sees she is home he goes right over to see her. She wants him but also wants him to go away. He wants to go back to where they were, but he is not sure that the secret he has will let them move forward together. Suzi has her own secret and is worried that Clint will never talk to her again if he learns about it. Can they get passed their secrets? It may be a short read but as Ella and Clint have a past together it is nice to see what they have to go through with the choices they have made.

I was able to feel where both of them were coming from and the worry they have. Jun 23, Tamra LeValley rated it it was ok. NetGalley Free Book Suzi is back from her short job out of town that last for a few months. Clint is upset that she did not tell him and he had to find out from the town. They parted on too good of terms.

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Suzi wanted Clint to talk her into staying and he did not want to force her. Plus he was afraid to tell her his secret. Now that she is back she is afraid to tell him her secret. This was a very predictable novelette. The sex scenes were basic and the ending was expected. There really was not plo NetGalley Free Book Suzi is back from her short job out of town that last for a few months. There really was not plot and I expected Suzi's surprise to actually surprise Clint not encourage him.

The author is a really good writer. I think that if this book had been a novel there would have been more room for an indepth story line. Jun 23, Anne rated it liked it. I don't really have much to say. Hog Tied and Branded was about 47 pages of primarily sex scenes. Those I would rate as 3 out 5 for hotness. There is a tiny bit of set up about Suzi and Clint's relationship before she leaves for Houston. When she comes back for good, they start sleeping together immediately.

I knew why Clint didn't want to marry and it's kind of silly this day in age, and I was glad the story didn't drag out the angst. Suzi thought his thinking was silly too and quickly like wit I don't really have much to say. Suzi thought his thinking was silly too and quickly like within minutes got over being mad and they're ready to get hitched. It was a short, mildly spicy read, a nice way to spend minutes.

I received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. Jun 20, Karinosa rated it liked it Shelves: Short and fast read! I read this in less than an hour.

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  • Clint and Suzie have been dating for a couple of years. With Suzie getting a assignment out of town leaves Clint without her. Being mean and saying it is no big deal that they were just having fun these last years hurts Suzie more than she could imagine. They both have secrets. What will they say when they find out? Not ever reading from this author i was pleasantly surprised Not bad and it was fast and kept me entertained. I felt bad for her Short and fast read! I felt bad for her when she was hurt and was mad when she was mad.

    A little longer would have been nice!! Thank you, Net Galley!! Sep 08, Janet rated it liked it Shelves: This novella seemed a bit out of balance to me. I look for a balance between character, story, and passion, and Hog-Tied and Branded was a little uneven. Heavy on passion and story, but light on character so I found it hard to connect to the primary couple. The premise was good, the story read well, and the sex scenes were plentiful.

    If I look at it as a short sexy story, it was a fast easy read and it fits the bill for that inevitable down time quick read. I would read more from Anita Philmar.