Manual Golf Instruction: How to wake up the golfing genius inside you

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You see it every single day. Powerful world class executives who have actually invented industries by breaking every rule in the book. Where to put their hands, how to move their arms, how wide spread their feet. This is the norm. Psychologist after psychologist for 3 years. All of these coaches had all the technical instruction in the world. What do I know about swimming?

In fact, I must have asked him twenty times how many meters it was from one wall to the other wall! This, too, is for practical reasons. I just want to get in line. I just want to keep my head down and follow the masses. Truth be told, I just sort of like the orange robes and the incense and the twenty minutes of meditation. How can you not have respect for a person who is that straight forward and honest? I absolutely want peace in my life. I want to have an amazing relationship with my wife and my children.

I want to feel what it feels like to be truly Free. Why would you need to go somewhere to be silent? And why would you join a group? Why not spare yourself the torture and be alone? And do you really need an instructor to tell you how to be silent? In short, I went there hoping that I was all wrong. You have no idea how badly I wanted him to shame me.

Because if he did, I would have sat at his feet and learned as much as I could. We would share our experiences of the quality of No-Mind we had achieved. And I would be honored to have push me all the way to Buddhahood. I would have become his student for life. I am all ears for those individuals who know what I do not.

Now the scrap collectors will come in with their barrel scraping. Maybe it made him feel more calm.

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Tell them the story of Gordon Gekko, and they will say that Gordon broke the law through insider trading. Secretly, they thank the heavens that Buddha left his family because now they can use that as an excuse for not going on the journey. And by the way, no one needs to leave their family or their home. Even for a short while. Today I have no interest in balancing my chakras. Forget the third eye. Forget about watching the breath. The people who are reading this discourse are those who have become Players in their own industry.

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What you have demonstrated in your own industry reveals a rare sort of DNA, my friend. I respect you for it. I admire you for it. It is beneath you to cower and lower yourself to the lowest common denominator when it comes to the Mind! To be free of emotional turmoil. To go on a journey in which anger cannot touch you. To switch off thought like a light switch. And feel the natural curl of your lips as you feel the glorious and God-like feeling of floating in this beautiful emptiness. For those who abhor the noise and seek The Truth about life and living. Your email address will not be published.

How does a man who is a genius in his industry, allow himself to become an Invalid in another? What is the result of all this fancy and expensive instruction? I was asked to fly to Los Angeles to work with him. He wins at least 5 meets.

And makes the Olympic Team and represents his country in Rio last year. His coach called and asked me what I did. I just sort of got him out of his mind.

Trevino called Norman golfing 'genius'

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