Manual Elder Mediation

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Our Certification Program embodies a comprehensive training process as well as a rigorous assessment of each elder mediation candidate. It is the foundation for our Certification Program, and has been successfully adapted to meet the unique requirements of elder mediators from many different countries.

Referral is a necessary component of these organizations, and referral to qualified, informed professionals who adhere to a standard, is a necessary component for these referral systems. The Elder Mediation International Network EMIN recognizes the need for both a national and international standard for certification of mediators specializing in issues of aging — one which assures the competency of mediators and speaks with a strong and credible voice.

The goal of EMIN is to promote a consistent standard for elder mediators through accreditation and continuing education. This is now an international standard in terms of advocacy, professional credibility and assurance to referral systems. The general public would be assured that EMIN certified elder mediators are both committed and competent.

Elder mediation certification candidates will have opportunities to demonstrate their empathic qualities, values, mediation skills, ability, and knowledge.

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They will demonstrate their commitment to self-empowerment and self-determination and demonstrate learning in the general area of age related issues and the family life cycle. Mediators seeking certification will not be obliged to join EMIN prior to certification.

Become a Certified Elder Mediator

On completion of certification, newly certified mediators will be entitled to free membership of EMIN for a year. After the first year they will be required to pay membership fees to maintain certification.

How to Choose an Elder Mediator

Click here to join. Candidates who have previously completed training in the age related issues specified above will not be required to repeat this training if they can provide evidence of same. Certified elder mediators must have current membership in their local mediation accrediting organization and adhere to the Code of Ethics for Elder Mediators. They must also hold liability insurance for the practice of mediation. Ongoing maintenance of certification requires a yearly statement of annual training and practice. More and more of us are living longer.

And as we live longer, we and our families are faced with issues and problems to be discussed and resolved.

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  • Elder mediation enables individuals and their families to have important conversations and to make decisions that reflect the needs of all, with an emphasis on the quality of life of the older person. Consider how many problems were avoided by this family's decision to engage an Elder Mediator: He had done quite well initially after mam died five years ago.

    Battling it out when it comes to aging parent's care? Elder mediation might help - Chicago Tribune

    But more recently he seemed to have failed quite a bit. We wondered was he even eating properly or enough? There are five children in the family. Mary, the eldest, lives closest to Dad and has started to spend a lot of time cooking and cleaning for Dad. The other children are Tom, who is married down the country and Breda, David and Sean who are all married with families and live in the UK. There were a few difficult conversations but I think everyone realized that Mary was right. Luckily enough, Sean had a lot of awareness of mediation through his job in the UK and he suggested we look for a good elder mediator in Dublin.

    What is Elder Mediation?

    The mediator talked to Dad and all of us individually, either in person or by phone. He then set up a mediation meeting — again, some participated in person others by skype. Dad was right in the middle of it — he is still well able to speak for himself.

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    It took a few meetings and a fair bit of toing and froing, but we ended up with an agreement and everyone is a lot happier now. Dad is still at home but with home help in place to support his needs. And we have agreed a plan about how Dad will be cared for into the future.

    If the time comes to look at residential care, he has made his views clear about him being consulted and having the final say on where he is going to go. So it has all worked out quite well and actually brought us closer together.

    Exploring the Role of Elder Mediation in the Prevention of Elder Abuse

    Provides an arena for families to face the practical realities of aging. Empowers the elder members by giving them an equal voice and arena for their desires to be recorded. Create the conditions for sensible decision making regarding family futures.

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    • Helps avoid care problems and family squalbbles arising out of lack of communication and preparation. What is elder mediation?