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You don't want to miss this one. Ask, Seek, Knock will grab a hold of you from the very first page. The author has an uncanny knack for drawing his readers into his world by painting vivid pictures through story telling and quotations from an eclectic mix of sources. This book has some really practical tips for improving one's personal and professional efficacy.

The tips are simple enough that you can begin to apply them immediately. One bit of advice that I was able to apply within two days of reading the relevant chapter was Dr. Mottley's admonition to adopt a questioning mindset. I had just staged a very successful initiative at work, and kudos were coming in from all levels of the organization. Rather than simply basking in the hard-earned glory, I questioned why the event had been so successful.

After stripping away the many layers by asking successive "What Rather than lose my temper and blame my colleague, I took Dr. Mottley's advice and once again adopted a questioning mindset. As a result, in a subsequent interaction with that colleague, I took the time to ask "what's missing from her story? If you want to improve your effectiveness in your personal and professional relationships, Ask, Seek, Knock is a must read book written by a master storyteller! Ask, Seek, Knock is a treasury of practial strategies and techniques put forth by Dr. Dr Mottley also shares with his readers the treasures within him and uses a voice which encourages us readers to constantly dig deep within, raise standards, seek to be uncommon and do things differently I have been so encouraged!

It is my belief that Ask Seek Knock will have an immediate and practical effect on the thinking of youngsters and adults. I recommend it to all who are focused on continuous and never-ending improvement in both their personal and professional life. This book has helped me handle the difficulties in life more easily. I don't allow anything to bother me as much anymore because this book has shown me how to get the answers I need and the actions I need to take.

There is no question or issue you have that cannot be answered after reading the book. With Ask, Seek, Knock - you can find answers to dead end questions. I used the questions in this book to find answers to specific problems whether at work or elsewhere in my life. There are segments in Ask, Seek, Knock that I read several times each week It can do the same for you. One person found this helpful. Start reading Ask, Seek, Knock!

The most common competency-based interview questions (and how to answer them)

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Say something about the level of the decision you had to make, why it was difficult, and who you consulted; but be sure you emphasise that you made a decision and stuck to it. The employer is in reality probing difficulties you might have making decisions under pressure, so be prepared for a follow-up question.

Can you change your style or way of working when necessary to reach a goal?

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Finding out how agile and adaptable you are is the aim of the adaptability competency questions. Adaptability interview questions are particularly common in rapidly developing disciplines like IT, which must constantly adapt to new technologies. Adapting your style within a group to get the best outcome. Prepare adaptability examples for your answer. How did you understand the impact of the change? How did you respond?

What was the result? This competency question looks at how you adapt your behaviour as an individual, but also how you flex your style in a group of people to ensure the best outcome. Employers need people who can modify their behaviours and approaches for the benefit of the project, team or business. People who can adapt their style remain open to new information and are prepared to change their mind when presented with compelling evidence or reasoning.

In your answer, emphasise your flexibility skills. Stack up examples about team members, staff who have reported to you, previous managers and customers or clients you have worked with. If you worked in a good team, say so, and explain why the team worked. This is a very good opportunity to praise past colleagues, which sends out a signal that you work well with others and can learn from a variety of contexts.

The answer for this question is all about showing your flexibility. Questions about budget management are all about commerciality, explains Maria Mawby, human resources business partner at Volkswagen Group. Every business or organisation would benefit from people skilled in reducing costs and increasing productivity. Senior business leaders are expert at making the most of their budgets.

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For this competency, employers want people who work collaboratively across teams to ensure the organisation maximises its success with the resources available. Prepare examples where you have delivered value for money. However, remember that non-financial examples are also valid. Employers want people who can deal with pressure at work, and stay strong in the face of difficult situations. Keeping calm, focused and poised is a plus for employers in every sector. The best answers tell a story and show your personality. For example, my project was sent back to the drawing board multiple times because of changes to policy.

That got some people down, but I just got on with the job and gave the project the same attention I gave it when it first crossed my desk. If you managed to get a piece of work delivered, despite short timescales, did you adapt the project to meet the deadline? Explain the process you went through to establish that resilience is the more interesting answer. If an employer asks you about this competency, they are looking for someone who is honest and demonstrates strong moral principles.

They want to see that you are diplomatic and have strength of character.

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  7. Pick a scenario that reflects this. Conflicts and disagreements happen. What employers want to know is how you would resolve such situations constructively. Conversely, employers also want people who stimulate creative tensions and encourage productive differences of opinion. Handling a difficult decision or situation. Disagreements happen often at work, so in your answer think of an accomplishment, then consider the conflicts you had to overcome to get there.

    Consider how you worked to enable a more harmonious and effective working environment. When you choose your scenario, always remember what the commercial end goal was and how it was achieved. Emphasise the success of the conflict resolution in your answer. If you know what motivates people, you can help them to succeed. Employers are looking for you to discuss how you have inspired both yourself and co-workers in the past. They want to know how you get the best from people and understand what motivates them, along with leadership qualities.

    For example, if the role requires a lot of independent work, talk about times when you have shown yourself to be self-motivated on projects or starting new initiatives. For a management role, discuss situations where you motivated a team. John Lees, author of Knockout Interview , says you should think about varying examples.

    Or where others have been laid off, talk about how you motivate people in a difficult situation. Taking control of a situation competency questions help an employer find out how you use your initiative, how you persuade people and initiate change.

    2. Seeking

    Andrew Fennell, founder of StandOut CV, advises talking about a situation that could have been harmful to your employer, but you presented a plan to your colleagues and took the lead to achieve the goal. The employer is looking for your ability to accurately analyse a situation and identify the right solution. Examples of problem-solving competencies include:. Be aware of timelines, cautions Lees. Lower-level personnel may deal with daily pressures and deadlines; higher management looks to longer-range projects and deadlines.

    Position your response accordingly. Here are five role-specific competencies. Sales jobs fit a spectrum between simply looking for business leads, pushier techniques looking for a one-off transaction and consultative selling where it may take a long time to win a long-term sales relationship, explains John Lees, author of Knockout Interview. For sales-specific roles, the employer will be looking at your entire interview presentation as an example of your sales technique. You may be a temporary team leader or someone whose main job is to lead a team or teams.

    Whatever the situation, an employer will be looking for team leaders who focus on the task, delegate where they can, bring people together and motivate them to get the job done. Here, employers want to know whether you can successfully persuade and lead others towards a company objective. Examples of team leader skills include:. Outline the situation, your role and the task of the group overall. Describe any problems which arose and how they were tackled.

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    Say what the result was and what you learned from it. Employers need managers who are confident in their own viewpoints, but also listen to others. You need to demonstrate that you have the ability to convince others of your own point of view, and can gain agreement of activities or products.

    This leadership skill is essential for good managers, so your employer will be looking to see how good you are at influencing others. Jon Gregory, career coach, agrees and says you should support your management contribution with tangible results. A project can have lots of stakeholders — this competency is about managing their expectations, their views, motivations and impact.

    Communication skills and 5. When responding to stakeholder management questions, make clear you keep abreast of all local, national and international policies affecting the organisation, which could potentially shape stakeholders views.