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And, of course, divinity. There is usually an inner circle that follows the leader without question, and that maintains a tremendous amount of secrecy.

A very important aspect of cult is the idea that if you leave the cult, horrible things will happen to you. I think that pretty much seals it. And if you are reading this, chances are you are in it with me.


Should we be concerned? There was a profile in it of Oliver White.

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I never noticed how much he looks like Jesus. I would say that cults were born out of religious groups, even Satanism, but there are philosophical beliefs that could include fly fishing. There is another category you could have added to the list, money contribution, and you could have checked that one as well. You can read the magazine on-line at https: Louis, do yourself a favour and read the magazine… while the pictures may be grandiose, the writing is straight up awesome!

When I saw that magazine for the first time the same phrase got my attention too; I am not a cult-follower and hate the thought of it and did not like the negative connotation of a cult linked to fly fishing. Perhaps you should do a post on that just like this one to clear that up, it would be much appreciated;.

Casting just feels different, easier. These rods perform extremely well with both Spey lines and shooting- or skagit- heads. The rods are marked with a suggested head weights with bigger variation due to the fact that full flex rod cast a wider range of line weights.

Cult of the Fly

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