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You get the opportunity to unlock this quest after you have progressed to the third chapter of the game's story line, i. While exploring the deadlands, you will run into a campfire with dead monsters around it point 21 on the map. Talk to The Nameless One , i.

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You can ask the Nameless One many interesting questions about Patty, among others , or have a drink with him which will end this short quest. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Side Quests - Calador. Same Old, Same Old. You can find the protagonist of the previous installments of the game, at the campfire.

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Risen 3 Guide Game Guide. Once you have at least 3 level 25s, the pet battling world is your metaphorical oyster.

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Do pet battles while you're questing for easy XP, defeat the world's pet trainers to unlock battle pet daily quests, or get someone to summon you to Halfhill in Pandaria, where there are level 25 fights to be found without too much danger As long as you have a decent pet collection, not bad at all. If you have a not-so-decent pet collection, you'll have to devote some time to collecting and leveling pets before this becomes more straightforward. Good, especially if you have high level pets. Daily your way through the levels Though you usually pass through zones, do the quests available, and never return again, in some places you'll find daily quests , marked by blue exclamation points, where you can do the same quest or one of a selection once a day.

If you don't have a lot of time to play, dailies may be a perfect fit into your schedule.

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No matter what level you are, you can log on and do cooking and fishing dailies in the major cities -- you'll get experience, reputation with that city, and skill-ups to boot. You'll also find daily quest hubs for levels 60, 70, 80, and 85 that are worth investigating if you need a break and you're in the right level range.

Typically fairly easy, though some dailies will present their own challenges. Medium -- mostly because you're locked into a quest a day.

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It is, however, an efficient way to get both experience and other extras when you have limited time to play. Level the pacifist's way with gathering professions Yes, you can level entirely by picking flowers and gathering ore However, it's great to integrate with your usual questing schedule -- questing and gathering at the same time can provide a very noticeable XP boost. But it is definitely possible to level entirely with gathering if you really want to -- like the neutral pandaren Doubleagent -- just don't expect it to be a quick trip.

Easy, so long as you don't venture into zones that are higher level than you are, where you're likely to find yourself eaten by the locals.

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Slower than getting The Insane title. Gain experience Indiana Harrison Jones style Yes, archaeology is, to put it kindly, slow. And it doesn't involve nearly as many action sequences as an Indiana Jones movie a Harrison Jones cutscene. However, it does give a reasonable amount of experience per digsite.

The biggest slowdown with this method is travel time: E-mail will not be published. Website keep this blank if you want your comment to appear. Stars tremble , while minds implode. Home Synopsis Obsolete Cake. The US election sucks. Because being a critic is fun thanks Zero Punctuation for pointing that out , here is a list of annoyances from the game: A handful of default messages were ripped off from QFG3.

While not noticeable to some people, perceptive players like me rolled their eyes a little. Some portraits, while not drawn bad, just look plain silly.

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Keapon Luffin and Zayishah are prime examples.